Wayback Wednesday: When Bang & Bump went to SDCC

This morning I had an email from a friend I used to work with showing me a clip from truTV, and holy guacamole; I was on television! Sort of.

Now I'm not sure what the show actually was, but the footage was from YouTube personality Stuart Edge. Back in 2014, I went to San Diego Comic Con with my business partner and future brother–in–law Jerome Green to film an episode for our own YouTube channel: The Bang & Bump Show from our company hulgreen productions. We filmed our puppets interacting with (primarily) cosplayers and even the great Lou Ferigno as well. Now neither Jerome or I, or our friends who were helping us knew Mr. Edge at the time, but we loved his Back to the Future Marty McFly cosplay and asked if he would film a bit with us. He agreed under the condition we film a bit with his team as well. This was our finished episode (you can find his part close to the beginning at 1:37):

After he graciously was a pert of our little shtick, he filmed a card trick with my character Bump: a furry blue monster puppet built by the very talented Kevin Gorby from Lunas Puppets. That's the footage that appeared on TV that my friend saw. You can see the original video Stuart Edge posted here (Bump first appears at 0:37):

It's always cool to have someone say they saw you on TV or something like that and be a part of something fun like Stuart Edge's cool magic tricks. If anyone else saw this on truTV or knows what show it appeared on, please let me know!

As for the puppets; Jerome and I had a lot of fun performing Bang & Bump and maybe one day we will again.